Student Rough Guide

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A rough guide to student life and ways in which students can save money, make money and get the most out of university life.

Find your nearest Yoga class to de-stress and improve your health

Nearest yoga class

If you are stressed or looking to try something new then Yoga could be for you.


Download the OffersOn cash saving app

OffersOn app

Download the OffersOn cash saving app today to gain access to 1000's of meal deals and offers wherever you are!

You can download the OffersOn app at the Apple App Store or on Google play.


London student to lose virginity in live art performance

live sex performance art

A London student is planning to lose his virginity in front of 100 people at a University gallery as part of a unique piece of performance art


Top ways to save money on eating out

Eating out for less

Dining out is one of life’s little luxuries, but it comes – literally – at a price.


What to expect from life after graduation

Students graduating

This interesting infographic created by Family Investments displays the path of a typical graduate and the potential problems they will face.


Make your own healthy smoothies with a Kenwood smoothie maker

The fast paced lifestyle most of us lead these days means that it is often hard to squeeze in your five fruit and vegetables a day. But using as smoothie maker from Kenwood you can whizz up a delicious and healthy smoothie in no time ready for you to drink, at home, at work, or on the go!

Kenwood smoothie makers come in a variety of powers, styles, and prices meaning that anyone can now open themselves up to the health boosting and convenience benefits of fruit smoothies!


Best paying jobs for people who don't go to University


Have you ever wondered what the best paying jobs for people who dont go to University are? Or perhaps you haven't done as well as you would of liked at Uni and want to know what your best optuons are.


Student guide to cheap train fares

cheap train fare

Students need cheap train fares, but how? This is OffersOn's quick guide to getting the best deal on train fares so that you can get home this Summer for as cheap as possible after all that post exam spending.

If you plan ahead you can get cheap train fares to almost anywhere, by booking in advance you gain access to discounted rates and you may be surprised by the deals you can get on cheap train fares.


Ugg boots to get your feet through the winter

ugg boots

Ugg boots are the perfect item to get cold feet through this terrible winter and are now available in more new styles than ever, maybe you will find a pair of Ugg boots that is perfect for you! 

The Australian import (surprising considering the weather), Ugg boots are a worldwide sensation keeping girls and some metrosexual males feet warm across the globe. Don't settle for imitators, only the famous and comfy original Ugg boot does the job for winter.


Get all the vitamins you need with a Vitabotics Wellman or Wellwoman multivitamin


We all need vitamins and Vitabotics Wellman or Wellwoman multivitamins are perfect for people on the go who can't always get all the vitamins they need from food.

These potent supplemental multivitamins are specifically formulated based on certain categories including 50+, pregnancy, sport based on different multivitamin needs for different people.

If you are lacking energy or feeling run down maybe you are lacking in certain vitamin that you could be getting by supplementing using a Vitabotics Wellman or Wellwoman multivitamin.


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