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Arthi traditionally means a “lamp or light” which is used to remove darknes and is waved before Gods and Goddesses in Indian religious ceremonies to show reverence and humility. In India hospitality is based on the Sanskrit adage, “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “The guest is God” which depicts the respect granted to guests in India. At Arthi’s Restaurant, we endeavour to make our guests feel welcome and provide them with an authentic and delectable Indian dining experience. We aim to bring the true and diverse flavours of India straight to your table for you to relish in a calm and relaxed ambience. Our customer friendly staffs are sure to give you an unforgettable Indian banquet. We are proud to say that, we use only high quality first class spices and all our dishes are freshly made on order. Our menu, offers a wide variety of dishes from the Indian culinary world ranging from well-known classics like kormas, tikka masalas, tandooris, biryanis to unique street foods like samosas, pakoras and chats and many more dishes for our guests to explore. We take great pleasure in introducing “Skinny Curries” for the first ever time in Aberdeen. Please choose from a wide range of skinny option dishes, freshly prepared just for you without any added fat. Our diet conscious guests need not compromise on taste but can indulge without the guilt! We at Arthi’s look forward to serving you and giving a memorable peep into Indian cuisine and hospitalit

Deduct 20% off the total bill including all drinks

Deduct 20% off the total bill including all drinks


The 20% meal deal is for the a la carte menu only. This meal deal includes 20% off all your drinks also when choosing from the a la carte menu.

Please speak to your waiter upon arrival and quote this meal deal with the voucher code A-Offerson-001.


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