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Garfunkel's Restaurant is a truly great name in British and world cuisine. Founded in London’s West End in 1979, Garfunkel’s Restaurant has become legendary! Garfunkel's embraces the concept of being all things to all people, it epitomises all that is great in world food. Don’t take our word for it, visit Garfunkel's Restaurant to relax and enjoy great food and wine with friends whilst taking advantage of the regular meal deals and discount restaurant vouchers offered by Garfunkel's Restaurant. Visit Garfunkel's and use our Garfunkel's restaurant vouchers, discount promotional meal deal voucher codes and 2 for 1 meal deal offers and save money on your next bill at your local Garfunkel's restaurant.

Garfunkel's latest special offers and meal deal vouchers

Garfunkel's latest special offers and meal deal vouchers


Garfunkel's latest special offers and meal deal vouchers. Use our Garfunkel's restaurant vouchers and eat out for less on your visit to Garfunkel's. By using restaurant vouchers when dining at Garfunkel's you can save money on your food and / or drinks bill.

How to use the Garfunkel's voucher

Typically you'll be asked to show your restaurant or meal deal voucher either via a printed restaurant voucher or via an app voucher. Please ask your waiter or waiteress how they expect the voucher to be displayed when you arrive at Garfunkel's for your meal.

NOTE: Offers and meal deals may vary at your local Garfunkel's.


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