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Lotto Social runs a managed syndicate for you where you get loads of chances to win the UK Lotto & EuroMillions each week. You’ll get a set of numbers in a given syndicate which get entered into the draw each week. We’ll let you know the winning numbers for each draw and send you your claim references to check your winnings!

60 EuroMillions Lines + 60 Raffle Entries for only £1

60 EuroMillions Lines + 60 Raffle Entries for only £1

Are you one of the millions of people across the UK who plays the lottery? With chance stacked against you, a win can seem a million miles away. A syndicate is a great way to get more lottery lines and more chances to win for your money.

Plus you won’t get a more generous offer than what we have in store for you.

1. 60 EuroMillions Lines + 60 Raffle Entries a week over 2 draws (Tue & Fri)
2. That’s 30 Lines + 30 Raffle Entries every draw
3. Auto-entry into £300 Prize Draw every month
4. No contract. Stop anytime after your initial purchase

That’s a bucketful of prizes for as little as £9 a week and if you use the code EURO60 today, you'll get 60 EuroMillions Lines in your 1st draw for only £1!

This has got to be a no brainer for those who dare to dream big!

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