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Manufacturer of Beds and Mattresses We manufacture one type of mattress - the best. Specifically engineered to provide the very best in comfort, support and cooling.

£100 OFF Spongey Luxury Memory Foam & Natural Latex Mattress

£100 OFF Spongey Luxury Memory Foam & Natural Latex Mattress

Meet Spongey - The next generation in sleep comfort. Similar to Eve yet more attractively priced. £100 Off any size of mattress with free delivery and 14 day return period.

Spongey is designed and crafted by true mattress professionals. Soft and supple latex is layered on top of luxury memory foam, with a supportive core beneath.

Spongey gives balanced support, reducing pressure and creating proper spinal alignment.

The medium feel is not too firm yet not too plush. This in addition to the cooling provided by natural latex means Spongey delivers a nearly perfect night’s sleep for almost every type of sleeper.

No 100 night trial applicable.

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