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Total Trainer is the UK's first and only personal trainer service which matches the needs of customers to the exact areas of expertise to local qualified personal trainers and fitness experts. Users of Total Trainer can enter their goals and location and Total Trainer will match these goals perfectly to cost effective personal trainers who can help clients achieving their health, fitness and exercise goals. Visit the Total Trainer online personal trainer booking service and use our voucher codes and promotional codes to claim the latest special offers and money saving personal training sessions with qualified personal trainers.

Claim a free personal training health check

Claim a free personal training health check

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Claim a FREE personal training health check with a qualified personal trainer. Your free session will consist of a health screening with a qualified personal trainer whereby your personal trainer will ask you a number of health and fitness related questions. They will also take your blood pressure and resting heart rate to assess whether you're ready to begin a new exercise programme.

Claim a FREE health & fitness check up

To claim your free health check up with a qualified personal trainer simply click the link below and then complete the form. This will be then sent to a personal trainer in your area who will then arrange a free health check up.

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